Movie: 3 Days to kill

I had no idea what this movie is about when I started watching this movie. So I was surprised to see such a good action movie with nice situational comic scenes in it.
Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner) is a CIA agent who is not in constant touch with his wife and daughter but always wanted to be with them. Now in his last few months he gets an assignment where his fee would be an experimental drug treatment and a lot extra money. Ethan accepts the assignment since he had no other choice. For the assignment he has to relocate to Paris, where his family is staying. Ethan tries to make the most of this opportunity and gets in touch with daughter Zooey (Hailee Steinfield) and wife Christine (Connie Nielsen). Ethan balances very well between work and family life. Whether Ethan succeeds in his work and also survives or not is better seen in the movie.
There are some really good funny situations, well roped in the movie, which enlighten the mood of the viewer. Action scenes are really well shot and impactful. Kevin Costner has performed this role with ease and his role has some sheds similar to Liam Nesson’s ‘Taken’. Amber Heard as Vivi looks really sensuous on screen but her role is limited. Hailee Steinfield has also performed very well in her role. Audience never gets bored while watching the movie and whole credit goes to director McG.
Overall, this is a very good action movie to watch.


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