Hindi Movie: Humshakals

Thank god that this movie failed at the box-office, otherwise Director Sajid Khan would have become confident and have made more stupid movies in future. Having said this, I watched this movie only because I had no other choice to watch any other movie at the time. This is a typical Sajid Khan entertainer (?) type of movie but much better than his last directorial “Himmatwala”.
Story is about 3 Ashok’s (Saif Ali Khan), 3 Kumar’s (Ritesh Deshmukh) and 3 Mamaji’s (Ram Kapoor) (uncles) who are exactly look a likes, in short, triple role of 3 characters. Ashok and Kumar are very close friends and they work (?) together in Ashok’s company. Ashok’s uncle Kans wants to take over the whole company from Ashok and Kumar, so for that he plans to send Ashok and Kumar to mental hospital. His initial plan succeeds and both Ashok and Kumar end up in mental hospital. Where their duplicates, who are real mental, are already present. Because of some incidents, mental Ashok and Kumar, come out of hospital. As usual they switch their places with originals and confusions happen. But in the end, with very limited good jokes and funny situations, story comes to an end. What happens in the story is not worth mentioning in this post.
The story has very interesting plot, it could have been a laugh riot, if it had better script. Script is so loosely written and situations are so irrelevant that viewers lose their interest. Had it been filled with more comic situations, good songs, it could have been a bearable movie. Some of the scenes in movie are very funny but those are not suffice for viewer. All 3 heroines Bipasha Basu, Tamanna Bhatia, Isha Gupta are mere place holders and none of them have any scope in the movie. Amongst actors, Ram Kapoor has done his part with ease and Ritesh Deshmukh is also good. But Ritesh has done such stuff a lot earlier, so there is nothing new he offers to audiences. Saif Ali Khan is looking older and older day by day and I think he should quit acting or at least start doing character roles. Satish Shah has also done better in his small role.
Overall, watch this movie only if you must.


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One Response to “Hindi Movie: Humshakals”

  1. Jayesh Jagiya Says:

    Thank you for saving my 3 hrs which I might have wasted! This dud is coming soon on TV hence I was checking some reviews. All reviews I found were negative.

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