Marathi Movie: Poshter Boyz

I really didn’t like the English name given to Marathi movie ‘Poshter Boyz’, but is suits very well to the story. Word Poster is mostly pronounced as ‘poshter’ in Maharashtra towns and that may be the reason why it is named like this. As the name suggests, it is a movie about a poster and men/boys featuring on that poster.

An old farmer (Dilip Prabhavalkar), a school teacher (Rishikesh Joshi) and a typical small town lover boy (Aniket Vishwasrao) face some of the consequences in their lives and which impacts severely in their personal lives. United they decide to fight against the government employees who put their pictures on the poster. As expected they face opposition and negligence from government employees to correct their mistake by pulling down all the posters. How they raise their voice against corrupted employees and what happens next is better seen in the movie itself. Shreyas Talpade who is producer of the movie has also played a guest role as Maharashtra prime minister.

Movie has some really funny, bone tickling scenes but towards end it becomes more serious, social message oriented cinema. Story in this movie is stretched very much and screenplay could have been tighter. Songs in the movie are very boring and should have been avoided. Needless to say that the stalwart Marathi actor Dilip Prabhavakar, has again delivered an exceptional performance. Rishikesh Joshi has done complete justice to his role and he has taken the simple role of school teacher to a new high. Aniket Vishwasrao also has performed his role very well. Shreyas Talpade’s glamour is beautifully used in this movie. Director Sameer Patil has done average job.

Overall, this is a one-time watch movie and very few scenes of the movie have repeat value.


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One Response to “Marathi Movie: Poshter Boyz”

  1. Narendra Fadanis Says:

    Very true Kedar! The movie seems very slow and dragged to make up the length, especially in the first half because the jokes are not that funny. But the movie slowly becomes interesting and that is the success of directors and screenplay writers! Overall, yes it is a one time watch for the message it conveys!

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