Movie: Interstellar

This is undoubtedly, by far, the best movie I have seen. I don’t think, even Director Christopher Nolan would be able to recreate the magic like this ever again. After watching his directorial flick ‘Inception’, I thought, he has taken the movie making medium to a complete new level, but Interstellar is truly out of the world movie. Interstellar is 10 times better than Inception.

The story is about Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), who is living with his daughter Murphy, son Tom and father. Story takes place when it has become very difficult for human beings to continue staying on earth and human race’s search for another planet is on the highest priority of all. A team of NASA scientists is planning to send some researchers out from the earth’s orbit and search for any livable planet. What happens next is must seen in the movie itself. The story of this movie is completely shocking and pushes all the boundaries of imagination.

The movie requires some knowledge about physical concepts like gravity, black hole, theory of relativity, time travel and lots of other. I am completely short of words in explaining the experience of watching this movie. Christopher Nolan is one heck of a genius and he has proved it again that movie medium is most powerful medium not only to entertain but to provoke audiences to think ahead of the time. All the performances are extraordinary and it takes the whole movie experience to new high. Background music, visual effects, screen play, camera work and all the technical angles of the movie are best ever.

Overall, don’t miss this movie at all.


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One Response to “Movie: Interstellar”

  1. Banesh Bhave Says:

    Really Awesome movie!

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