Marathi Book: Arya Chanakya

I started reading this book few months ago, but couldn’t finish it sooner. Written by Pandit Vaman Shastri Islampurkar, this book is mostly a Marathi translation of Sanskrit play ‘Mudra-Rakshas’. I enjoyed it thoroughly due to its story, but the language used in this book is word-by-word translation of Sanskrit play, which makes it difficult to read the book for longer hours.

Story takes place nearly 2200 years before from now. It is about Vishnugupt mostly known as The Great Chanakya and his game plan to help Chandragupt Mourya, king of ‘Magadh’ empire, take his revenge. Rakshas who is standing in the middle of Chandragupt’s road to kingdom, is an intelligent and most loyal servant of Chandragupt’s opponent ‘Nand’ family. How Chandragupt and Chanakya together take down all the opponents, how Chanakya turns situations against loyal Rakshas and makes him surrender to Chandragupt is the entire story about. Most interesting part of the story is towards end. The plans made by Chanakya are truly impressive and really a task of brainier.

Important thing about this book or such books is that it revolves around ancient Indian history and culture back then and the literature written in those years is representative of it. This book I doubt whether is a true story or not, but all the characters in it are found in India history, so it is most probably true.

I would recommend it to every ancient history book lover.


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