Movie: Joe

This movie is I think a B grade Hollywood movie, made with fewer budgets, shot from start to end, not many special effects and things like that. Actor Nicolas Cage has again made a mistake by acting in such weird movie which has nothing special or new to offer to its viewers.

Story is about two personalities, Joe (Nicolas Cage) an ex-con who is currently working in some company and trying to keep his head down and live a normal life; Gary (Tye Sheridan) is a young guy who is good at heart and wants to do good things life, take care of his family. Joe offers job to Gary and Gary makes the most of it by working hard. But when Gary’s father, who is a drunkard and useless guy, joins them, things become different. The bad guys in the city won’t let Gary continue the clean path he has chosen. Joe likes Gary from the moment they meet and does his best to secure the future of Gary. What happens next is not so interesting though but should be seen in the movie itself.

Director David Gordon Green has done a poor job in directing this slow paced and depressing movie. The movie is full of placeholders and lots of ill logical scenes. Neither dialogues, nor action scenes, nor drama, there is hardly anything in the movie.

Overall, you can skip this one.


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