Movie Review: How to train your dragon 2

For those who love animation movies, this is a must watch. If you loved the first part, How to train your dragon, you will get more than that in this movie. This movie is actually better successor of the first part, where there are more dragons, more to the story, more drama, more action, in short a complete entertainer.
The story start may be after a year or so after the first part ends. Hiccup has new tools to control his dragon (toothless) and is always on the move to discover new areas around their town Berk. One day he discovers one island where there are other dragon catchers, who completely hate dragons and on a mission to capture and deliver some dragons to Drago. Valka, Hiccup along with their friends want to convince Drago that dragons are human friends, but Stoik who has interacted with him in the past thinks otherwise. What happens next is better seen in the movie itself. There are lots of surprises in it.
I really liked the animation, special effects in it and more over the story. There is always something happening in every scene; you get totally grabbed into the story. All the aspects of the movie are totally solid. Dragon rides this time are more, action scenes are better, surprising elements are excellent. Writer and Director Dean DeBlois have done a fabulous job.
Overall, don’t miss this movie for anything.


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2 Responses to “Movie Review: How to train your dragon 2”

  1. Sanjay Jhape Says:

    Yes, truly a great movie! Loved it!

  2. Simit Kade Says:

    Yes, Great movie! BTW, how are you man, haven’t seen your reviews for quite some time!

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