Movie – Midnight in Paris

Directed by Woody Allen, this film is a fantasy. Owen Wilson has as usual very well played a character of a confused writer. His wife is played by Rachel McAdams.

As the name suggests, story takes place in Paris. Both Owen and Rachel are happily married couple but they have their differences about each other. When they come to Paris to have great time with Rachel’s parents and see Paris, Rachel’s friend enters the story. Rachel had a crush on him in her college days and she starts liking him immediately. Owen senses the change in her but didn’t react much. After one lavish dinner party and lots of drinks, Owen decides to take a walk in the Paris and the real story begins. Owen likes to have more and more midnight walks because he can meet his favorite people from his favorite era of artistes. He gets in touch with a confused Marion Cotillard, who is dating the famous painter Pablo Picasso. They both connect with each other and start having good time but in the end they discover their differences too.

What director is trying to say through this story is that we all love a particular era from our past. We love almost everything from that past like culture, art, fashion, people and what not. And we feel that the today’s era is full of people who don’t know what to eat art with. And this is the cycle with people from all the era.

Overall, it’s a definitely a feel good movie. It makes you love art. Paris is shot very beautifully and the concept of film is totally new.


One Response to “Movie – Midnight in Paris”

  1. Mandar Kulkarni Says:

    Well, what can we say about the genius of Woody Allen! I always felt he had been making movies on similar concepts, but “Midnight… ” was I think the first one where he romanticized Time Travel. A master piece indeed!!

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