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Movie: American Hustle

March 4, 2014

After so many days I watched and liked a con movie. Story is set in 70’s and said to be based on true rumors. This movie is a treat for movie lovers.
It is a story of how con man Irving Rosenfield (Christian Bale) and his partner Sydney (Amy Adams), get trapped into the web of FIB agent Richie Dimaso (Bradley Cooper) and what happens next with them. Story is also about love relations between Irving and his wife Rosalyn (Jeniffer Lawrence). It is also about another love triangle between Irving, Sydney and Richie. There are continuous ups and downs in the relationships between main characters of story.
Story is very well written and screenplay is damn good. Story is beautifully woven in funny and interesting incidents. All the performances are brilliant, especially by Christian Belle. He has really molded himself perfectly into the character. Jeremy Renner as Mayor polito is a short role but actor has done it sincerely. Guest appearance by Robert D’ Niro is a good surprise for his fans. Direction of David Russell is fantastic.
Overall, this is a must watch movie for crime, con movie lovers.


Movie: Man of Steel

December 14, 2013

The major reason I watched this movie is because its story is written by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight fame). It is directed by Zack Snyder and it is about how Superman became Superman.
The movie begins where Clark (Henry Cavill) has realized that his super natural powers are way more than human capacity. So he is having a lay low kind of life, to save everyone from facing his wrath and seeing his true avatar. But one day when Lois (Amy adams) sees him and follows him secretly, she comes to know about his powers. Story also has some incidents from Clark’s childhood and how he was born on another planet ‘Krypton’ but sent on earth. Clark always wants to find out who he really is and who his real parents are. The story becomes more interesting when people from Krypton planet try to kill Clark and convert earth into planet like Krypton. Clark has to choose between his legacy and earth. What happens when Clark’s true identity is revealed to all people on earth, what Clark’s real father Jor-Ei (Russell Crowe) advice him, what happens to earth and all the people living on it is best seen in the movie itself.
Performances by Henry Cavill, Amy adams, Michael Shannon (General Zod) and Russell crowe are very good. Henry cavill’s physique is awesome and he fits perfectly in the role. All other characters are very good in their role.
So, story is very good, direction and screenplay are also very good. Special effects are the backbone and they take the movie to a new high. But at some point it feels that special effects are too much and story is very unrealistic. But this is a super hero movie, so what else would you expect. In fact, Christopher Nolan has tried his best to make this story more and more understandable.
I would recommend this movie to every action and sci-fi movie lover.

Movie: Trouble with the curve

May 7, 2013

This is a story of an old stubborn father and his stubborn daughter. Gus is an old guy and losing his eyesight slowly, but is working as a player selector for baseball team. He is very experienced in it and doesn’t believe in doing the stats and maths about players, instead he watches them playing and makes a decision. Hi daughter Mickey is a hard working law professional working in a law firm in big city.

Their relationship is tumbling and going through rough time. They avoid talking much with each other and don’t discuss their problems. Mickey is continuously worried about his dad who comes to know about his eyesight problem from a common friend. She then decides to be with her dad for a week and try to help him in his task of short listing players for bidding. During one of the matches they met with Johnny who is an alumnus of baseball team and like student cum friend to Gus.

The movie revolves around how gus is still protective about mickey and cares too much about her but keeps her away. How Gus’s skills help him keep his job and how mickey realizes the true face of her law firm colleagues.

It’s a well written movie; screenplay is pretty straightforward. Clint eastwood, amy adams, justin timberlake are good in their roles. This is one feel good movie of the year, don’t miss this one.