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Movie: American Hustle

March 4, 2014

After so many days I watched and liked a con movie. Story is set in 70’s and said to be based on true rumors. This movie is a treat for movie lovers.
It is a story of how con man Irving Rosenfield (Christian Bale) and his partner Sydney (Amy Adams), get trapped into the web of FIB agent Richie Dimaso (Bradley Cooper) and what happens next with them. Story is also about love relations between Irving and his wife Rosalyn (Jeniffer Lawrence). It is also about another love triangle between Irving, Sydney and Richie. There are continuous ups and downs in the relationships between main characters of story.
Story is very well written and screenplay is damn good. Story is beautifully woven in funny and interesting incidents. All the performances are brilliant, especially by Christian Belle. He has really molded himself perfectly into the character. Jeremy Renner as Mayor polito is a short role but actor has done it sincerely. Guest appearance by Robert D’ Niro is a good surprise for his fans. Direction of David Russell is fantastic.
Overall, this is a must watch movie for crime, con movie lovers.


Movie: The place beyond the pines

August 25, 2013

Thought the name is heavy, this movie is a simple story about how lives of unknown people keep connecting with each other even after many years.
Luke (Ryan Gosling) is a biker who works as bike rider in circus. He had an affair with Romina (Eva mandes) and was in love with her. One day he comes to know that she is a mother of his son, but now living with some other guy named Kofi (Mahershala Ali). Luke wants to be back with Romina and his son, whom they have named Jason. In order to be able to provide them money and food, he starts robbing banks along with his partner. One day after robbing a bank while he was running away from cops, he gets trapped inside a house. Cop Avery cross (Bradley cooper) who is following Luke, by mistake shoots him. Luke falls off from the house window and dies on the spot. Injured Avery is admired by police department, media and everyone for his brave act of chasing and killing a thief alone.
During his injury, Avery gets to spend time with his family and his son AJ. He is also worried about Luke’s son Jason. When Avery joins the department back, he soon comes to know that his department is full of corrupt cops and even his chief in command is corrupt too. Avery decides to go against his corrupt colleagues and convinces district attorney to make him his assistant. After these incidents the story moves ahead by 15 years.
Now Avery is campaigning for the position of district attorney of new york city. He has lost his father and his son AJ wants to live with him after gap of many years. AJ joins the school for pursuing his education and becomes friend with Jason (Luke’s son). After some incidents Jason finds out about his father Luke and how he died. He also finds out that Avery who is father of AJ is the man who killed his father. But in the end, he doesn’t want to take revenge from neither Avery nor AJ, because he realizes that Avery is sorry for what he did and didn’t do it intentionally. Finally Jason buys a bike from a stranger, similar to his father had and leaves everyone away. AJ also starts admiring his father.
The story is really good but it has some flaws in it. The basic telling behind the story is that how a single moment can change your life completely. Lives of Luke, Avery, AJ, Jason and their whole families would have been different if Avery hadn’t killed Luke by mistake.
Ryan Gosling and Bradley cooper have done justice to their roles. Eva mendes has a small role but she has performed well in it. Overall this is a good one time watch movie.

Movie: The hangover Part III

August 1, 2013

This is a third part of Hanover series of movies. The story has all the characters from earlier parts.
The main characters Phil (Bradley cooper), stu (Ed helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) again are on a new adventure which is rather forced upon them. Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) who was behind bars escapes from prison and is on the run. Marshall (John Goodman) is in search of Mr. Chow. Since he has looted the gold worth 25 million $ from Marshall.
Marshall contacts Phil, Stu and Alan because Alan is in contact with Mr.Chow. How all 3 manage to find out chow and get deeper and deeper in the mess created by Mr. Chow is better seen in the movie itself. The movie has very less funny sequences.
Story of the movie is more of a crime and suspense genre but it is attempted in a comic way. This is what deceives the audience. Some sequences are unwanted and could have been easily avoided. Humor is not funny, it has become repetitive and boring to see Zach acting stupid. Bradley cooper and Ed helms have the footage but their characters are not evolved. All other actors are good in their parts but like placeholders. Director Todd Philips lacks the karizma from first part, hence disappoints as a story teller. It could have been a much better movie if it had more and new funny sequences, dialogues, interesting characters.
Overall, this is a disappointment if you expect a good comedy movie.

Movie Review: The words

May 7, 2013

This movie is a story about a writer; who publishes a book, which is his own story of how he once steal someone’s story and published it as his own. The screenplay is little tricky here but it makes the movie more interesting and end reveals all the secrets.

The story goes like this, there was a one struggling writer Rory, who is trying hard to make his name but couldn’t succeed. His wife Dora supports him in his struggle. On their honeymoon in Paris they buy one ancient bag and bring it home. To his surprise he finds some written pages in it. When he reads them he comes to know that it is a story about one soldier who loved his wife very much and wrote the story when she leaves him. Rory becomes very emotional about the story and wants to feel the feelings of story writer, so he writes all those words on his own. Dora reads that story one day and pursues Rory to take that story to publisher.

After that Rory becomes very popular writer and gets name and fame. One day the soldier who wrote the story visits Rory and the story takes a new turn. How Rory struggles in the dilemma of accepting truth or to continue with un deserved life, is best seen in the movie itself.

Bradley cooper delivers another best act and carries the movie on his shoulders. Story is very good. It is an enjoyable movie and you shouldn’t miss this.