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Movie: American Hustle

March 4, 2014

After so many days I watched and liked a con movie. Story is set in 70’s and said to be based on true rumors. This movie is a treat for movie lovers.
It is a story of how con man Irving Rosenfield (Christian Bale) and his partner Sydney (Amy Adams), get trapped into the web of FIB agent Richie Dimaso (Bradley Cooper) and what happens next with them. Story is also about love relations between Irving and his wife Rosalyn (Jeniffer Lawrence). It is also about another love triangle between Irving, Sydney and Richie. There are continuous ups and downs in the relationships between main characters of story.
Story is very well written and screenplay is damn good. Story is beautifully woven in funny and interesting incidents. All the performances are brilliant, especially by Christian Belle. He has really molded himself perfectly into the character. Jeremy Renner as Mayor polito is a short role but actor has done it sincerely. Guest appearance by Robert D’ Niro is a good surprise for his fans. Direction of David Russell is fantastic.
Overall, this is a must watch movie for crime, con movie lovers.